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Dottie Staxx the Queen of Rhythm and Trap, 

With over 5 Million Streams on her 

Stream all her music on Spotify, Itunes, Applemusic and all digital outlets follow her and Subscribe to her official  youtube channel


Congratulations goes out to Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson he was elevated from been Dottie Staxx road manager to now he manager. DjBigO317 has been instrumental for her touring in over 173 cities with 173 djs in there respected markets. His relationships he has with music industry professionals has been instrumental in Dottie Staxx music career progression. 

Pledge to Music, the mixtape is Hattiesburg Mississippi Juneteenth edition available on all streaming out now. Featuring Grammy nominated artist Dottie Staxx along with Sir Freek, Mezmerize, Trauma & Chaud. Presented by Independent Chicks & Xfinity Ent.

June is #PRIDE month lets all remember #LoveIsLove!

With ride sharing companies like UBER who provide ride sharing services which are more affordable and cleaner cars? Do you all think Taxi companys will still be around in the next 5 years? Chime in and let me know..

My client DjBigO317 acting silly with Ms.Charlee Smiles while on tour with Kcane Markco & AdPolo during Halloween and World Series weekend.​

Salute to DjRemixMC bootle lounge in Murray ky for hosting the Halloween college dance party concert

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