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With ride sharing companies like UBER who provide ride sharing services which are more affordable and cleaner cars? Do you all think Taxi companys will still be around in the next 5 years? Chime in and let me know..

My client DjBigO317 acting silly with Ms.Charlee Smiles while on tour with Kcane Markco & AdPolo during Halloween and World Series weekend.​

Salute to DjRemixMC bootle lounge in Murray ky for hosting the Halloween college dance party concert

#SackOlogy by Eddie Roe will be available tonight at 12am. Guess what its going for $100 each. “If its $1 or $100 if you gonna support you will Salute to all who have been supporting me and Mob1st ” 

Talent Brokers llc Is now booking. national and international entertainment acts from Comedians, Musicians, Hosts, DeeJays and realty Tv Stars. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram

Music lovers Swurvup has a new website were you can Stream, Buy his music just go to 

Polk County judge orders Kevin Gates to serve 180 days for assault for kicking a female fan who grabbed his dick, while preforming at a concert. Dreka Gates blasts judge for taking her husband away from his kids.

Meer the myth the man who made history in a small racially divided town Kokomo Indiana. In 2014 Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson was hired by TSR Inc. To build the 1st urban radio station WTSX 104.9 LPFM. Not only did he accomplish this but he also got them to be a BDS charting station which is another first for a LPFM . Its sad to report after 31 years in radio Oliver DjBigO31. Jackson has stepped away in Feb 2016. We hope to hear him soon somewhere on someone’s radio network market either Indianapolis would be nice, but until then god speed.

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